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The GRI Standards help organizations understand their outward impacts on the economy, environment, and society, including those on human rights. This increases accountability and enhances transparency on their contribution to sustainable development.​​

The GRI Standards are a modular system comprised of three series of Standards to be used together: Universal Standards, Sector Standards, and Topic Standards.

Organizations can either use the GRI Standards to prepare a sustainability report in accordance with the Standards or use selected Standards, or parts of their content, to report information for specific users or purposes, such as reporting their climate change impacts for their investors and consumers. ​​

GRI 1: Foundation 2021 (a revised version of GRI 101: Foundation) is the starting point for all reporting. GRI 1 takes organizations through the entire reporting process and gives detailed guidance on how to use the Standards. ​

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Five tips for GRI and SASB reporters

Insights from the joint guidance on using both sets of standards

29 Jun 2021
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Striving for sustainability in global food systems

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21 Jun 2021
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Sharper focus on sustainability in sectors

Public comment open for two draft GRI Sector Standards – covering agriculture, aquaculture, fishing, and coal

19 May 2021
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