Content index tool

Create your own accurate GRI content index 

The GRI content index makes your reported information traceable and increases its credibility and transparency.  

By using GRI’s content index tool, you can create a complete and accurate GRI content index that helps stakeholders navigate your disclosures and information that your organization has reported at a glance. 

About the tool

The content index tool provides a do-it-yourself template for creating a complete and accurate GRI content index. In a few simple steps, you can select the approach you’ve used for reporting with the GRI Standards, key in your material topics, and select the disclosures reported to generate your own content index in a user-friendly Excel format, which can be further edited and updated as required.

How to access the tool

Interested in using this tool? You can purchase and access the tool directly for only €35. Visit our tool platform for more information, or read through our FAQs and see an example of the output

You can also contact us to use your GRI Community membership credits to access the tool.  

This benefit only applies to your own organization and cannot be passed on to other organizations or clients. Interested in how you can avail this and other such benefits? Find out more about the GRI Community. 

Content index tool FAQ

Read through our FAQs for more information on how to access the tool.

Content Index Tool FAQ