Sustainability Disclosure Database

The population of this database is currently stopped.

The GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database is a publicly available online repository of sustainability reports, both GRI and non-GRI based. This database includes thousands of reports published between 1999 and 2020.

The GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database was populated in collaboration with GRI’s data partners and provides a user-friendly search functionality, as well as several filters to help users access and locate relevant information in a few simple clicks.

Our data partners

Between 2011 and 2020 GRI worked with data partners to capture vital information about sustainability reporting and developments in organizational disclosure. Our data partners collected and processed information about sustainability reporting in their local markets. They regularly shared data with GRI about reports and reporting organizations, while identifying trends in their countries and regions.

The Data Partner Program is closing in Q1 2021, since the database is currently under review and we stopped populating it as of December 2020. The list of data partners region-by-region is available here.