Kick-off service

Get expert guidance to start your sustainability reporting 

Why choose the kick-off service?

If you’re an organization just getting started with sustainability reporting, the process can seem challenging. Setting up and managing your reporting process requires resources and expertise. With GRI’s kick-off service, you can benefit from customized support that helps you get started on your reporting journey. 

During the personalized session with a dedicated expert from GRI, you will:

  • Learn about GRI and the GRI Standards 
  • Learn about the different elements of the reporting process
  • Assess and build up your stakeholder engagement
  • Plan your reporting using the GRI Standards
  • Build a strong foundation in reporting that will yield benefits year on year.

How to access the service

Interested in using this service? You’ll need to complete a sign up form and provide GRI with information on your existing sustainability reporting initiatives and stakeholder engagement to help us tailor the service to your organization’s needs. This is an elaborate service, and will require a minimum of 1 month to complete.

Service Request Form