Collaborations for sustainability

We work with multiple partners to advance sustainability and corporate accountability.

We engage with policymakers, governments, market regulators, and stock exchanges to embed transparency and sustainability disclosures, based on the GRI Standards in laws, regulations, and listing requirements.

We also run a range of programs worldwide with partners supporting companies, to better understand legal reporting requirements, help them assess their contributions to sustainable development, and support their engagement with governments related to their positive and negative impacts.


Engagement with policymakers and regulators

Disclosure policies are among the most compelling instruments to drive change in corporate behavior. That is why we work with policymakers, financial market regulators, and other stakeholders around the world to adopt effective policies and regulatory frameworks supporting the alignment of private sector disclosures with sustainable development.

Today there are 289 policies across 102 countries that reference or require the use of the GRI Standards or require their utilization by publicly listed companies, signaling the growing role of GRI as the enabler for businesses to provide complete, comprehensive, and comparable reporting on their impacts.

Legislation and regulation

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