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Take your sustainability reporting to the next level with our full range of support options for applying the GRI Standards - the most widely used set of sustainability reporting standards in the world.

Our services, membership program and online learning portal provide essential expertise to help you achieve accurate, high-quality sustainability reporting. Plus, through our partnerships with training and software providers, we can direct you to further support resources, certified by GRI.

Sustainability Reporting with GRI

Navigating the sustainability reporting landscape can oftentimes appear complex. For over 25 years, the GRI Standards have consistently evolved to become the only global sustainability reporting standards that not only address organizational impacts on the economy, the environment and people but also meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. Our multi-stakeholder approach to standards development and continued collaboration with other international organizations to harmonize the reporting landscape, aim to ease the reporting burden, all the while providing guidance to organizations on how to cover multiple reporting requirements.

How we can support:

Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced reporter or a consultant, we offer certification courses to help you learn or improve on writing a sustainability report using the GRI Standards. Sign up for the GRI Academy or locate a Certified Training Partner near you. If you would like to be among our carefully selected training partners, you can learn more by scrolling down the Certified Training Partner page.

Reporting organizations can apply to join a global community of like-minded organizations committed to corporate transparency and continuous improvement. Membership of the GRI Community gives access to thought leadership, exclusive learning and knowledge-sharing sessions.

Sustainability report preparers can get expert advice through our reporting services. We provide feedback on elements of your sustainability or annual report to ensure that they meet the requirements in the GRI Standards and best practice.

Reporting organizations trying to find the right sustainability reporting and monitoring software can use our licensed software directory to find software platforms that have been licensed by GRI. If you would like to be among our licensed software and tools partners, you can learn more here.

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