Certified Training Partners

Whether you are an existing GRI reporter, or starting your reporting journey for the first time, training is available through our global network of Certified Training Partners (CTPs). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many CTPs are offering courses remotely. Please, contact a training partner from your national territory to register your interest. 

About the program 

The Certified Training Program gives you knowledge of the GRI Standards and reporting to facilitate their use within your organization, delivered in your local language. The program helps run an effective reporting process, producing the best possible GRI report. The Certified Training Program starts with an introduction to sustainability reporting before going deeper into the GRI sustainability reporting process, focusing on your local issues throughout. 

About the CTPs 

We work with experienced training organizations around the world to provide you with excellent training. We select and certify local training partner organizations, who bring local knowledge to give you insights into sustainability issues in your region. All our training partners complete a comprehensive certification process.

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Please note: only the above listed organizations have been assessed and authorised by GRI to deliver certified training courses, with content that we have quality assured and approved. We do not endorse any other providers, and caution against uncertified training, even from organizations that may claim to be associated with GRI.

Available courses

The GRI Certified Standards training course: learn how to use the GRI Standards for the sustainability reporting process.

Duration: 16 hours (minimum).

Training module - Occupational Health and Safety: learn about the updated GRI 403:Occupational Health and Safety Standard, including how and why to report on OHS issues.

Duration: 8 hours.

Licensed course - Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Sustainability Reporting: Learn about the business case for engaging with the SDGs, understand the role of sustainability reporting in enabling sustainable development and discover current trends, challenges and opportunities on reporting on the SDGs

Duration: 3 hrs

Access the Certified Training Partners course calendar for more details.

Become a Certified Training Partner

As a GRI training partner, you will join a carefully selected group of training organizations around the world dedicated to empowering people to learn how to use the GRI Standards to support a more sustainable world. Please note all CTPs must be members of the GRI Community

Benefits of becoming a Certified Training Partner: 

  • Exclusive rights to offer GRI Certified Training Courses in the licensed country  
  • Use of the ‘GRI Certified Training Partner’ organizational mark for promotional purposes 
  • Promotion of Training Partner organizations on the GRI website 
  • Promotion of your Certified Training Courses on the GRI website 

GRI’s assessment of application for new CTPs is based on these criteria: 

  • Training partners must be ethical organizations with a demonstrable history of GRI reporting 
  • Have a track record and educational expertise in the field of sustainability reporting, CSR, accountability, transparency, ethics or related subjects 
  • Have an established market with target participants and knowledge of regional CSR context 

CTP Application Process

The current CTP Program has run for more than 10 years, and we decided it is time to revise the program. Using feedback provided by our current partners and the experience we gathered in the program, we are working towards changing the current business model.

Not only the fees and license conditions will change this year, but the training courses and materials will change as well, in line with the revision of the Universal Standards. Therefore, as of 1 July 2021, we will temporarily stop accepting new applications for the CTP Program until the new business model and training materials are launched.

We expect that we will be able to accept applications again, but please do check our website for the latest updates.

You can also inform us about your interest in joining the CTP Program and we will get back to you later this year once applications are accepted again.

In the meantime, you can already get involved with GRI by becoming a GRI Community member (all Certified Training Partners are required to join the Community).

If you have further questions about the CTP Program, contact GRI’s Training and Certification team. 

CTP Training Calendar

Access the GRI Certified Training Partners course calendar, to book the one best for you.

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