Certified software and tools

Certified software and tools for easier reporting 

Find the list of GRI certified software and tools you can use to collect and manage data or get your own software certified.  

Reliable software and tools can make sustainability reporting easier and more manageable. GRI offers a certification service for software and tools that make use of content from the GRI Standards. Our team assesses this content for its accuracy before authorizing its use, so that reporting organizations know which software and tools they can trust and use in their reporting process. 

How to get your software or tool certified by GRI

Are you a software or tool provider seeking certification? Follow this 5-step process: 

  1. Application: Submit the ready draft version of your software or tool for certification using the application form. 

  2. MoU: GRI will send you a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) laying out the agreement about the fee, timelines, process, subject of certification and other conditions, and sign a confidentiality agreement if requested

  3. Accuracy check: GRI will assess the included GRI content and provide feedback to ensure accurate use of the GRI Standards. 

  4. Permission: After the suggested changes are implemented, GRI will provide a permission letter that authorizes the use of the GRI content and organizational marks that you can use as proof of certification. 

  5. Annual renewal: This certification is valid for a year. You can extend the certification following the same process. You can also use the same process to update the certification if you expand to more languages or use additional GRI content. 


Complete and send this application form to start the process.

For pricing information access our policy here.

More details about the certification requirements can be found in this flyer.


Where can you find GRI certified software and tools? 

Are you a reporting organization looking to use GRI certified software or tools for better reporting? Take a look at our certified software and tools directory to find one that meets your needs.

Certified software and tools FAQ

Access our FAQ for answers to some common queries on having your software or tool certified.

Certified software and tools FAQ