Global Standards Fund

Maintaining the world’s most comprehensive set of sustainability reporting standards requires significant investment of time and resources.

The Global Standards Fund provides for the independent, multi-stakeholder development of the GRI Standards as a free public good available to all organizations. 

The COVID-19 crisis has accentuated the need for companies to understand how risks and developments in broader society affect them and how they can make a positive contribution. The Global Standards Fund safeguards free access for organizations and companies to the world’s most comprehensive set of sustainability reporting standards to disclose their impacts. Tim Mohin, GRI Chief Executive

Calling all funders – help safeguard the Standards

The GRI Global Standards Fund helps safeguard and increase our ability to deliver the world's leading sustainability standards, which encourage organizations to embrace responsible business practices. Using the GRI Standards, organizations can report on their impacts in a transparent, credible, and comparable way. This paves the way for informed dialogue and decision-making and enhances corporate contribution to sustainable development.

The Global Standards Fund is an opportunity for foundations, governments, private sector organizations and individuals to participate in a coalition of like-minded funders who want to see companies integrate transparency and sustainability at the core of their operations.

The fund supports three objectives: 

  1. Continuous review and updating of the GRI Standards

  2. Development of the GRI Sector Program

  3. Global advocacy to drive sustainability reporting and uptake of the GRI Standards

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