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Gain a competitive edge by showing your expertise and earning a trusted recognition in sustainability reporting through this professional certification issued directly by  GRI, the words leading standard setter for sustainability disclosure.

What is the GRI Professional Certification program?

The GRI Professional Certification Program is comprehensive sustainability curriculum that is expertly designed to offer professional development on applying the GRI standards. It provides sustainability professionals an excellent opportunity to enhance their knowledge, expertise, and skills in implementing the GRI Standards to improve sustainability reporting quality. The program offers two flexible learni routes: online self-paced (Route A) hosted on the GRI Academy portal or blended (Route B) delivered with the GRI network or certified training partners.

5 reasons to become certified

  • Upskill and gain a competitive edge in your career
  • Improve the quality of your sustainability reporting
  • Get professional recognition from a trusted source
  • Enhance your knowledge and skills needed to use the GRI Standards
  • Strengthen your sustainability reporting credentials

Select your preferred learning path

Route A

 GRI Professional Certification – Learning Plan

The GRI Professional Certification Program is designed to enhance the knowledge, expertise, and skills of sustainability professionals in implementing the GRI Standards to improve the quality of sustainability reporting. Accessible via the GRI Academy, or a Certified Training Partner, professionals complete four courses that cover the fundamentals of GRI reporting, in preparation for a final certification exam.

Benefits of Certification

Globally applicable professional development that allows you to:

  • Improve your reporting skills
  • Maintain and upskill your sustainability knowledge
  • Enhance your credibility
  • Demonstrate your sustainability know-how

Courses included in this Learning Plan:

  1. Introduction to sustainability reporting and the GRI Standards 2021 Update.
  2. Reporting with GRI Standards 2021 Update.
  3. Reporting on Human Rights with the GRI Standards 2021 Update.
  4. Integrating the SDGs into Sustainability Reporting.

After completing all four courses from this Learning Plan, you become eligible to take the Professional Certification Exam, which will be unlocked and become available to be purchased.    

Your certification can be renewed within 2 years by taking continuing education units (CEUs).


Please note: If you have attended a GRI Standards Certified training via a Training Partner you have already gained the knowledge on the courses ‘Introduction to sustainability reporting and the GRI Standards 2021 Update’ and ‘Reporting with GRI Standards 2021’, and therefore are eligible to continue your learning path via the Route B.


More information on how to start or continue your learning experience through our Certified Training Partners can be found here


GRI Community members: If your organization is a GRI Community member you are eligible to receive a 25% discount. To request your discount, please emails us at [email protected]  and provide your full name and organization details. 


Refund terms: Within 14 days, candidates who have not yet accessed their purchased courses/exam within this learning plan can receive a full refund. If the courses and/or exam have been accessed, or if more than 14 days have passed since the purchase of the learning plan, candidates are no longer entitled to receive a refund. 


GRI Professional Certification Program 2021 (Route A - Academy only)
1250.00 €
17 h
365 day access
Certificate of completion

Route B

Courses available through the Certified Training Partner Program Flagship course conducted by all CTPs:

-GRI Certified Standards training courses

  • Reporting with GRI Standards 2021 Update: learn how to use the GRI Standards for the sustainability reporting process and gain insights on how to facilitate their use within your organization, delivered in your local language.
  •  Reporting on human rights with GRI Standards 2021 Update: learn about the relevance of human rights and human rights transparency to business and get a better understanding of the related disclosures in the GRI Standards and their application through practical exercises and case studies, all the while getting to grips with the current regulatory framework and latest trends.
  • Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Sustainability Reporting: learn about the business case for engaging with the SDGs, understand the role of sustainability reporting in enabling sustainable development and discover current trends, challenges and opportunities on reporting on the SDGs.
  • The GRI 207: Tax 2019: discover the relevance of reporting on Tax in the context of sustainability reporting and explore the latest developments in this field. The participants will also get a comprehensive overview of the disclosures included in the Tax Standard. 
  • Licensed course - Reporting with GRI 11: Oil and Gas Sector: build on your knowledge of the GRI Standards and support your organization as it incorporates the GRI 11 Sector Standard in its reporting. Access the Certified Training Partners course calendar or contact your training partner directly for more details.
GRI Professional Certification Program

What certified GRI professionals have to say

Preferred the blended learning, Path?

For an instructor-led learning experience, a certification can also be obtained from one of our trusted certified Training Partners in over 50 countries

Frequently asked questions

Besides sustainability reporting professionals (within companies) and consultants, this program is also very useful for anyone who works with sustainability reporting, such as Chief Sustainability Officers and assurers.

If you are not certified yet, you can become certified by completing the full Certification Program via Route A or Route B and passing the Certification exam.

The Certification Exam can be taken online through the GRI Academy. Upon completion of the learning path, all eligible candidates will be able to take this Exam at their convenience without having to make an appointment.

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