Professional Certification Program

Training for sustainability professionals

Learn about the GRI Standards and their use in sustainability reporting by joining our Professional Certification Program, available in English and Spanish

With two flexible learning routes to choose from - online self-paced (Route A) or blended (Route B) - the program provides a unique opportunity to gain expertise and global recognition in sustainability reporting with the GRI Standards. 

Updates to the Program coming soon

Please be aware that the current GRI Professional Certification Program will be updated in November 2021, in line with the launch of our revised GRI Standards 2021. The purpose of these changes is to keep the knowledge and skills of sustainability professionals up-to-date, enabling our content to evolve with the changing landscape of sustainability.

If you are already enrolled or decide to enroll to the current Certification Program (based on the GRI Standards 2016), your certification will be valid until 1 January 2023. Once you have passed the exam, there will be an upgrade path available if you wish to become certified in the new GRI Professional Certification Program based on the GRI Standards 2021 Update. It will consist of two additional courses that you will be required to complete.

For more information on the paths to pursue the GRI Professional Certification Program, please read our FAQ.



Who is the GRI Certification for?

If sustainability is your main profession, be it in a corporate or consulting environment, and if you are supporting sustainability reporting within your organization as part of your role in operations, finance, communications or other functions, consider obtaining becoming a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional.

The GRI certification can help you:

  • Enhance your knowledge and skills needed to use the GRI Standards
  • Get professional recognition by a trusted source 
  • Improve the quality of your sustainability reporting
  • Upskill and gain a competitive edge in your career
  • Strengthen your sustainability reporting credentials

Choose your learning path

Online and self-paced learning (Route A)

Five courses that cover the fundamentals of GRI reporting, and the final exam are easily accessible 24/7 through the GRI Academy – GRI's own learning platform. You choose how, when and where to start learning.

The online courses offer interactive and narrated learning with intermediate checkpoints to monitor progress and help you stay on track.

Sign up for Route A in English or Spanish.

Blended learning (Route B)

If you prefer a more personal learning experience with guidance from a trainer and the use of local and context-specific materials, you can opt to obtain the certification with the "GRI Standards Certified Training Course", delivered by one of our trusted Certified Training Partners (CTPs) in 57 countries. This learning path will help you broaden your perspectives through knowledge-sharing with fellow participants as well as build your own network.

Sign up for Route B in English or Spanish.

Follow up with the courses on ‘sustainability reporting process’ and ‘integrating SDGs into sustainability reporting’ through one of our training partners or the GRI Academy, and complete your certification with a final online exam.

Visit this page to find a Training Partner in your country.


More information

Read the FAQs.

See our Certification exam policy.

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See a list of the successful GRI Standards Exam candidates.

View our flyer for an overview of the certification program and course prices.

Learn more about the Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and maintaining the certification status in our CEUs requirements document.  

My experience in the Program was entirely positive. I felt as though the teachers understood deeply both the theory and practical application of the Standards, which helped me better grasp how to apply them in my role; this aspect also makes it great for someone who is being exposed to sustainability standards for the first time. I work at an organization where we are in our infancy in terms of sustainability reporting, and the Program empowered me to be a well-positioned internal advocate for both the GRI Standards specifically and sustainability reporting more generally.

Marissa Garcia, Social Compliance & Sustainability Manager, PopSockets LLC